About Offerial

Offerial is a hospitality technology startup helping hotels improve sales, marketing, customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalization.

Our product enables hotels to convert more hotel website visitors in to bookings, and avoid paying large commissions to Booking.com, Expedia and other similar, who until now generate most hotel bookings in the world.

For more information about the company, please visit our website: offerial.com

Why work at Offerial

A startup company is different than a big company. Startups are teams of excellent people that develop products to solve a need or a pain of thousands or millions of customers with repeatable & scalable business models. Most of the product features a startup team develops will get thrown away very quickly and replaced by newer, better ones, others will be modified, and maybe the entire startup will pivot to an entirely new direction at some point in its life cycle.

Team members in a startup like Offerial must understand that there are no role limitations & no concrete job descriptions as one might expect to find in large(r) companies. Team members may start doing a certain job when they join the team and may end up 6 months later doing something completely different and this is perfectly normal. Actually, we love it when this happens!

We love people who have a short learning curve that have the habit of learning new things (even things that may seem of no importance), people who are open to new ideas as well as lean & agile.

We deeply appreciate people who are able to let go and not get attached on things they worked really hard to achieve, if the new one is better, and in general people constantly excited by change, new challenges and the "impossible situations" where for the first few hours/weeks there doesn't be to be a solution to a problem!

We do not judge people's abilities based on university degrees or fancy titles. We only care about each person's satisfaction & ability to deliver and to strive at what we do.

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment